Thursday, August 11, 2011

By Means of Introduction

Years ago, I wrote a blog called Radical Masculinity that a lot of people liked, when I was trying to synthesize in my head my teenage Marxism with the queer theory I read in my early 20s, the neighborhood/community organizing I was doing, and my not yet being burnt out on the anarchist milieu. That blog was me thinking aloud, and while I've certainly changed a lot since then, it's an interesting artifact of personal history.

Much older and wiser than I was, with way more solid politics, a lot more experience of struggle, but looking back at some of the stuff I wrote and seeing that a lot of times I was almost but not quite there, I decided it was time for another mainly theory blog, but this time more accessible and more solid. My goals: to provide some guidance toward libertarian communist theory, action, and praxis that takes into account the lives and struggles of working class queers, and that reflects and is a part of the autonomous struggle of queer members of the working class.

Think if Foucault, Butler, Marx, Negri, Dauvé, Malatesta, Goldman, Luxemburg, Federici, Dalla Costa, Sylvia Rivera and Makhno all had a big queer dance party. That's what I'm going for here.

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